Laboratories affiliated to the PPGCAL that provide external services

Laboratory of Food Science and Nutritional Biochemistry – LBNA

Services provided by LBNA:

Chemical and Nutrition Analyzes

– Chromatographic
– Antioxidant activity assays
– Other analyzes upon request

Tailor-made Packages

– Mandatory food labeling
– Optimization of the conditions of food production and processing
– Shelf life studies

Scientific Consulting
External Services flyer provided by LBNA

Laboratory of Food Bioactives and Energy Metabolism Studies – LeBioME

Services provided by LeBioME:

In preparation

Laboratory of Analysis of Residues – LabRes

LabRes has as one of its main functions the analysis of pesticide and drugs residues,
such as anabolics and antibiotics, in Brazilian herds and carcass. To this end, the possible presence
of even tiny quantities of substances that could affect consumers health or hamper the commercialization and export of foodstuffs, such as beef and pork, are evaluated in animal tissues.

Location: Avenida Horácio Macedo, nº 1281, Polo de Química, bloco C, Room 123.
Cidade Universitária, Rio de Janeiro – RJ. CEP 21941-598
Phones: +55 (21) 3938-3786 and 3938-3784
Márcia Nogueira da Silva de la Cruz
ladetec@iq.ufrj.br and marcianogueira@iq.ufrj.br