The Post-Graduate Program in Food Science (PPGCAL), at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, offers Masters of Research (MSc) and Doctoral (DSc) courses and it is based at the Institute of Chemistry. PPGCAL was idealized by the late Prof. Luiz Carlos Trugo and it is the first formal, integrated and multicentric activity of highly qualified interdisciplinary training of human resources in the area of Food Science in Rio de Janeiro. The faculty of PPGCAL is distributed among several Institutes, Embrapa-Food Technology and Federal University Fluminense. This multi-center and interinstitutional infrastructure supports the activities of the PPGCAL, which guarantee a highly qualified interdisciplinary post-graduate training to our students.

Professor Alexandre Guedes Torres

Vice coordinator
Professor Daniel Perrone

Avenida Athos da Silveira Ramos – bloco A – sala 528-A
CEP 21941-909
Cidade Universitária – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
phone 55 21 3938.7351

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